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Villani Tradition – Villani Landshapers

Passion for Detail: A Villani Landshapers Tradition

Impressions matter. High standards for quality and service drive our lives. When you choose to invest in Villani Landshapers for landscaping your residential or commercial property, you choose to invest in a tradition of value, service, and passion for detail.

Our success starts with communication

Our proactive approach includes an account manager who listens to you and works in partnership with you to determine the best course of action for your property.

Both residential and commercial landscaping clients appreciate our customized communications including:

  • + A single point of contact for your account.
  • + A designated crew leader on site at all times, easily identified by his or her uniform.
  • + Ongoing written, e-mail, phone and text message updates as desired.

At your service

Your landscape is our passion, and along with that passion, we deliver:

  • + The highest quality workmanship, materials and equipment.
  • + Consistent and clear communication at the center of each engagement.
  • + A proactive approach to ensure needs are identified and addressed before problems occur.
  • + An accredited staff, bringing you an unparalleled service experience.
  • This commitment to detail and communication means we don't just meet your expectations once in a while, we strive to exceed them every single time. We judge our success by complete customer satisfaction and your entire property appearance.

Concordia University has used Villani Landshapers on numerous projects over the past five years and has found them to be a wonderful partner on all of our projects…I have found Gino and his team to be creative and professional in all of our encounters. The Landshapers team has performed a wide variety of work here at Concordia, including design, construction as well as maintenance work. In all of this work we believe we have received both quality and value in these projects. — Kenneth K Gaschk, VP Concordia University Wisconsin

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